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Shared Living is delivered in a private home owned or leased by an individual, couple, or a family known to the individual in services.  The Shared Living Provider is an independent contractor Prism.  The Shared Living contractor and the participant live together in the home and the participant shares daily life with the Shared Living family in their home and community.

  • Guardian, family, or participants select the Shared Living Provider that is the right match for the participant

  • Prism Shared Living Providers will maintain clean and established homes

  • Two participants may live with the same Shared Living Provider

  • Prism provides ongoing training and support for Shared Living Providers


Respite is a non-habilitative service provided to an individual unable to care for him/herself as relief for the individual’s usual caregiver that requires the use of electronic visit verification (EVV).  Respite includes assistance with activities of daily living, health maintenance, and supervision.

  • Examples of Respite may include:

    • Assistance with the provision of medication

    • General supervision for activities at home or in the community


We operate licensed day support centers with certified employees who meet state and federal requirements for working with people with disabilities. Through our centers, we provide programs that empower individuals with physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities learn how to manage daily tasks while acquiring new life skills.

Prism Assisted Day Services programs focus on community involvement and help provide a positive, practical working experience for our clients through supervised volunteerism.


Independent Living is a habilitative, intermittent service, which teaches the individual skills related to living independently and community integration. Independent Living is provided in the individual’s private home or private family home.

  • Ongoing support from trained staff

  • Independent and Supported Family Living may include teaching adaptive skills and activities of daily living such as:

    • Personal hygiene

    • Laundry and household chores

    • Meal preparation

    • Activities in the community  

    • Social and leisure skills


Community Inclusion Services are focused on teaching the individual skills to be an active member in their community.  Community inclusion can take place in groups or individually.  Habilitative Community Inclusion is a habilitative service that provides teaching of self-help, behavioral, socialization, and adaptive skills and generally takes place in a community setting.  It is up to the individual participant to choose the activity and how often they would like to participate in specific activities or visit the same locations.

  • Examples of Habilitative Community Inclusion may follow these types of activities:

    • Teach the participant how to join and participate in a community group, church group, book club, card club, or fishing club.

    • Teaching a participant how to go shopping, attend a concert, go out to eat, or attend a sporting event

    • Teaching a participant how to join and participate in volunteer activities, such as an animal shelter or Meals on Wheels

    • Teaching a participant how to get around the community by using public transportation or riding a bike.


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